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WINWING Orion 2 HOTAS MAX bundle is a lethal combination from our HOTAS product line. Designed for players who need a maximum number of counts on buttons and/or axis on a single HOTAS rig.

  1. All Grip/Handles are made with low-inertial aluminum, Strong and Lightweight when you have input the control force and movement. Compatible with all Winwing Base, Smooth action on break-away with no detent. Pinpoint sensing with unprecedented accuracy.

  2. Both the joystick and throttle base (core structure) are made of aluminum and SU304 stainless steel in die-casting method. Thousands of force/moving simulation in our design work ensured  ultra balance/smooth action and expanded life-expantancy even with the Brutal Force has applied to the product (Orion 2 Throttle Base use Plastics shell to make sure more realistic appearance).

  3. Buttons / 5 way switches / 9 way switches / Triggers are all clean-sheet designs. Tactile and sound feedback have far surpassed competitor's products.  

Please find in the parts pages for more details.

 This HOTAS bundle has a greater discount than buying Joystick and Throttle separately. Bundle included the following contents.



  • 99% Metal construct(Aluminum construction +Stainless steel CAM/AXIS and other machining parts).

  • Hall sensor for both X/Y axis.

  • Featuring a 20°+20° deflection angle from the center

  • Perfect for desk use/mounted setups with extensions/Cockpit/Game chair.

  • Ergonomic grip with adjustable angle.(up to 15 degrees to the left)   Perfect fit for center-stick/side-stick setup.

  • Swappable grips .

Follow features are NOT EXIST on Orion Joystick base:

  • Center Stop Device(CSD) for ZERO DEAD ZONE.

  • Adjustable damping for X and Y axis.

  • Swappable springs and CAMs.(More CAMs Available in future)

  • Two springs load position for every axis.(Could load 1-4 springs for each axis).



  • 95% Metal construct for core structure(Aluminum construction +Stainless steel AXIS and other machining parts).

  • Realistic cover panel.

  • High resolution Hall sensor for both L/R throttle axis.

  • Friction adjust lever(By tools).

  • Adjustable back-light.

  • Perfect for mounted/Cockpit/Game chairs setups.

  • Swappable for Single/Dual Engine Handles .

  • 2 x Hall sensor for rotary axis.

  • 4 x ON-ON Buttons.

  • 4 x ON-OFF-ON Buttons.

  • 3 x Push Buttons(Single Auto Center).

  • 1 x 3 Position Rotary Switch with Push button.

  • 4 x Encoder with Push button.

  • 2 x Push Button with LED Indicator(AA/AG).


  • Aluminum made construction.

  • 2 x 4-Way Hat (+ Push), could be set as 3 x 8-Way Hat(+ Push) in software.

  • 1x 3 Position Button

  • 1x mini JOYSTICK(Analog)+Push Button

  • 1x Wheel Axis Hall Sensor(Spring-loaded Auto-Center)

  • 3x Momentary Buttons.

  • 1x Switch


  • Aluminum made construction and Full-metal Trigger.

  • 5 x 4-Way Hat (+ Push).

  • 1 x 8-Way Hat (+ Push).

  • 4x AXIS.(2x HALL 16bit sensor)

  • 11x Push Button.

Orion 2 Throttle FINGER LIFT KIT

  • Composite Material with high stiffness.

  • Thrust lever sync-Lock

  • Finger lift for IDLE and Afterburner detents.

 Extension and Z Axis are not recommend to Orion HOTAS.

 Orion 2 Throttle Base is not compatible with F-16 THROTTLE HANDLES purchased before February 28th, 2022.