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The WINWING F-16EX THROTTLE HANDLES are low inertia ALUMINIUM made, which means they are strong but very light when control, no matter which base you use, when you want it move, it will move without detention, when you want it stop ,it stop immediately!

Buttons/5way switches/9way switches/Triggers are new design, not like something design in beginning of 2010 ,they have long tranvel distance/ sound crisp / clear force feedback. 

  • Aluminum made construction.

  • 2 x 4-Way Hat (+ Push).

  • 2x 3 Position Button.

  • 4x Axis(1x HALL 16bit sensor).

  • 2x Quick Reaction Flat press button.

  • 1x Encoder.

 Orion 2 Throttle Base is not compatible with F-16 THROTTLE HANDLES purchased before February 28th, 2022.