Orion Throttle FA-18

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WINWING Orion THROTTLE FA-18  is a HOME TOP class sim gear especially for desk use. It use many good design of SUPER TAURUS HOTAS SYSTEM but more suitalbe for desktop use and more generic for different aircraft compare to Taurus are realisic class gear for professional flight. 

  1. All Handles are low inertia ALUMINIUM made, which means they are strong but very light when control, no matter which base you use, when you want it move, it will move without detention, when you want it stop ,it stop immediately!

  2. All structures of  throttle base are made of aluminium in streesed part, thousands of force/moving simulation in our design work, to make sure super balance/long life time/ smooth and much more bigger force load than ever.

  3. Buttons/5way switches are new design, not like something design in beginning of 2010 ,they have long tranvel distance/ sound crisp / clear force feedback. Never touch something feel so real before 2020.

    ......More details please find in the parts pages.

 This COMBO have great discount than buy parts seperate, include mounts so you install to your desk. Parts included as follow:



  • 95% Metal made(Aluminum construction +Stainess steel AXIS and other stressed parts).

  • 16bit Hall sensor for both L/R throttle axis.

  • Friction adjust lever(By tools).

  • Thrust lever sync.

  • Adjustable back light.

  • Perfect for mounted/Cockpit/Game chairs setups.

  • Changeable for Single/Dual Engine Handles .

    Follow features are cancel compare to Super Taurus Throttle base:

  • 288mm travel distance.

  • 10bit axis for Friction adjust lever.

  • IDLE and Afterburner detents.

  • Thrust lever neutral feel tension adjust.

  • 2 x 16bit Hall sensor for rotary axis.

  • 4 x ON-ON Buttons.

  • 4 x ON-OFF-ON Buttons.

  • 3 x Push Buttons(Single Auto Center).

  • 1 x 3 Position Rotary Switch with Push button.

  • 4 x Encoder with Push button.

  • 2 x Push Button with LED Indicator(AA/AG).



  • Aluminum made construction.

  • 2 x 4-Way Hat (+ Push), could be set as 3 x 8-Way Hat(+ Push) in software.

  • 1x 3 Position Button

  • 1x mini JOYSTICK(Analog)+Push Button

  • 1x Wheel Axis Hall Sensor(AUTO CENTER)

  • 3x Momentary Buttons.

  • 1x Switch

 Extension and Z Axis are not recommend to Orion HOTAS.