Black Shark Collective System for Cockpit/Chair

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Merchant coding: CGRIP-KA50&T3-BASE&EXTENSION2&MT3
  • Full metal construction. 

  • 16bit hall sensor rotation grip with idle cutoff.

  • 4 Hidden switch with 2 additional hidden swtich on the back side.

  • Mock up for Black Shark collective 

  • 3x 3-position switch

  • 1x 9 directional hat

  • 1x press-able joystick (TDC)

  • 3x hard pressure switch

  • 1x Metal roller with a press switch.

  • Aluminum grip with strong tactile feedback. 

  • Compatible with Orion base and Shark base. 

  • Steepless adjustment on pitch angle.

  • Full metal made. 

  • Dual 16bit hall sensor for L/R axis,.

  • Compatible with other winwing throttle grip.

  • 2 Channel independent friction adjust.

  • Small package design,  Easy install without conflict to Taurus/Orion.

  • Capable for combination of multiple unit for WWII Throttle/Mixture/Propeller/Cooler control.

  • Screw hole for standard 60mm wide Aluminum profile.

  • Additional 197-267mm Length adjustable.

  • Pitch angle 0-28°adjustable.


Extension only recommended for cockpit builders. 

Direct connect (Base and grip) is the most efficient setup for most of the customers.

  • 50mm Latitudinal position adjustment

  • 196mm Longitudinal position adjustment

MOUNT Only suitable for Gemin base install for chair(Not all of them, Install draw will release soon)